The timeless look of marble with the durability of Italian porcelain slabs

Antolini Tech Italian Porcelain Slabs 

Level Italian Porcelain Slab Surface 

Nuovo Corso porcelain slabs from Itay 

The Royal Stone Porcelain Slab Collection

Be Inspired with dramatic and unique porcelain slab surface textures and patterns

Porcelain slab sales in los Angeles from Antolini Tech and Emil Level Porcelain slabs and Nuvo Corso

The Royal Stone Italian Porcelain slab collection sets itself apart from the competition with dramatic and unique Italian  porcelain slabs and solid surfaces for kitchen countertops and unlimited applications.

Book matching Italian Porcelain slab patterns

book matching Italian porcelain slab solid surface from Fondovalle in Italy at Royal Stone in LA

Its all about book matching the slabs to mimic the look of real marble slabs with the added durability and ease of installation our Italian Porcelain Slabs provide our customers.

Antolini Tech and Emil Level Porcelain Slabs in Los Angeles for Retail and Wholesale Programs

Italian porcelain slabs in Los Angeles with large slab yard and options from Eurowest and Antolini

The Royal Stone Italian Porcelain slab collection if both for retail and wholesale programs.  Please email for more information.

Porcelain Slab Collection 2300 Pontius Ave Los Angeles 90064

Italian Porcelain Slab Collection

A goal every building material aspires to. Where some fail, others excel..Presenting the Italian Porcelain slab collection from Royal Stone, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise to get the look you want with the advanced product features you need for your brilliant designs to endure over time.

Introducing Italian Porcelain Countertops.  A creative solution there you don’t need to compromise. Other countertop materials may stain, crack, or yellow; our 12mm thick 100% porcelain products excel. The same as the porcelain tile and panel products you know, these beautiful designs are built to last. Just like your design. 

Stocking multiple Italian Porcelain and Italian Large Format Porcelain Slabs and tiles  at Royal Stone Porcelain Slab Collection in Los Angeles.  Royal Stone Porcelain Slab Collection includes large-format, 1/2″ (12mm) porcelain slab available in lengths up to 126”.  New limited 3/4" Porcelain Slabs (2 cm porcelain slabs or 20mm Italian Porcelain Slabs) are coming in daily.  Please email us for a list of new colors.    Italian Porcelain slabs are a suitable alternative to many of the quartz-based countertops available today, due to the material’s durability, stain resistance and burn resistance, as well as the quality of the printing (particularly with natural stone looks). As a colorfast material, it’s resistant to fading, making it suitable for exterior kitchen and countertop applications.  Italian Porcelain Slabs can also be used in showers and other wet areas.

Modern Kitchen with countertops from Royal Stone Italian Porcelain Slab Collection dramatic slabs

Modern Kitchen with countertops from Royal Stone Italian Porcelain Slab Collection dramatic slabs

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